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Transform the way you manage your money with Clever. Track your expense and skyrocket your financial goals.
Clever is a financial technology company, not a bank.
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We treat our customers as fellow humans – unique and incredible individuals navigating their way on this planet the best they can.
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AI Intelligent planner working behind the scene to optimise your data.
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AI and human support when you need us most.
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Your bank data is fully secured with bank-graded encryption.
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High performance data analytics, turn insights into action.
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not a bank
Create a healthy relationship with your money. You'll always be in the know of where your money is going. Forget complex, stuffy financial data, hello Clever!
Earn 2% With Clever’s
Make your money grow fast. You can now earn at least 2% or more with cash back on every purchase. All your favourite brands, in one place. Join today to start getting cashback at thousands of participating locations.
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assistant Rex.underline
You are in control. Zoom in on your finances and make the easy switch to better spending habits. Rex will keep you on top of upcoming payments and throw shade when you overspend. Just like someone you know might do but without the nag, and yes, 100% sass.
What people say about Clever.
"It's been awhile since I've come across a truly well designed and built app but Clever has blown me away. I need more of Clever!"
Oshin Yine
Oshin Yine
"I've always had to keep an excel with all my budgets, recurring payments, etc because i truly couldn't find "the app" to do it all. Then I came across Clever. This is by far the cleanest, highly intuitive financial tracking app. Everything is truly clever!"
Andrej Roman
Andrej Roman
"I have to give a shout out to Clever for making an absolutely excellent budgeting / money app and more. Love Rex, they are sassy for real!"
Sarah Macdonald
Sarah Macdonald
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Clever?
We are a bit like a bank but not a bank. We help you loop all your accounts and financial providers into one place, request payment (soon to make payment) with the perks of a credit card.
Rex is the heart of the app. Rex is the smart financial assistant who dedicates to fighting your corner, manage and grow your money for you.
Clever exists to help you create a healthier relationship with money and make smarter decisions.
How does Clever work?
It’s easy peasy. Simply connect all your bank accounts using your internet banking credentials then Rex will retrieve your data, show you your top spending activities and find where you can save. Had a big night out and a mate owes you some money? Rex can also request a payment for you to avoid the awks.
Also, our app is pretty awesome with a marketplace that gives you cash back for every purchase, a money hub that connects you with financial advisors and many other unique features.
Is Clever secure?
Your security is our top priority. Your transaction data is retrieved in read-only mode meaning that Clever can only view your encrypted historical transaction data.
We need you to enter your login credentials so that you can establish a secure connection with your bank or credit card company. For this, we use a banking provider called Basiq that handles the connection to your financial institution.
All of your banking details are handled by Basiq, using the latest security technology to securely connect to nearly 200 financial institutions in Australia.
So, why is Clever awesome?
From the very start, we’ve put in all efforts to make it dead simple to use, and more importantly we speak in your language. Our tone of voice, branding has made finance more relevant and simpler for everyone.

We are the first independent fintech that brings you Australia’s NPP payment technology where you can connect your PayID and have your money instantly in your bank accounts.

And did we mention Rex (they/them)? They are simply awesome🌈
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