Real-Time Recurring Payments

with Instant Cashback

With PayTo, businesses can accelerate cashflow and receive funds instantly, by intitiating one-time, ad-hoc or recurring payments directly from their customers' bank accounts.



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Transform your payment process with PayTo for secure, real-time payments, initiated directly from your customers' bank accounts. With funds settled in seconds, not days, 24/7, PayTo reduces delays, errors and fees associated with traditional payment methods.

And with Hello Clever, you can enhance your customer experience by offering instant cashback rewards. Every time your customer pays you, you have the option to offer instant cashback - a clever way to increase customer loyalty and drive real-time payments.


Account-to-account payments in real-time

Recurring payments

For fixed or variable recurring payments, such as billers, subscriptions, loan providers and card-on-file.

One-off & adhoc payments

PayTo is an ideal solution for e-commerce stores and businesses that require online one-off or ad hoc payments.

Instant customer authorisation

Eliminate uncertainty and enhance payment security with PayTo. Customers securely consent to their PayTo agreements directly from within their online or mobile banking app.

checkout solution

Hello Clever's one-click checkout simplifies payments with PayTo, an alternative to credit cards kept on file. Customers can set up a PayTo agreement with you, securely storing their payment information for future purchases. This ensures a faster checkout experience for customers.

Take PayTo to the next level with Hello Clever

A more efficient alternative to direct debit

Fast and Secure

Create a PayTo payment agreement with your customer in seconds, compared to the traditional slow, manual process of direct debit.

Instant settlement

With PayTo, enjoy real-time payment processing 24/7, with immediate confirmation of payment outcomes, instead of waiting three to five business days.

A solution for all use cases

Case study


Learn how Australian Telco company, Launtel, partnered with HelloClever to provide a real-time payment solution, that makes internet billing faster and more efficient with PayTo.


PayTo is the clever way to do business

Ready to transform your payment processing and keep up with the pace of the real-time economy? Discover Hello Clever's PayTo solution by speaking to one of our team members today.