07 April 2023

TourByMe launches real-time payment with Hello Clever.

TourByMe launches real-time payment with Hello Clever.

TourByMe, the innovative travel app that lets you create your own unique travel experience on the go, has teamed up with Hello Clever to bring you faster, more secure, and rewarding payment options.

TourByMe, a pioneering travel app that allows holidaymakers to customize their own unique travel experience on the go, has chosen Hello Clever as its real-time payment infrastructure provider. Based in Sydney, Australia and launched in late 2022, TourByMe offers a wide range of holidays and travel experiences for Australians who wish to make memorable trips to Bali.

TourByMe has faced a major challenge when it comes to integrating payment infrastructure for high transaction amounts. This often leads to high-cost card fees and slow settlement.

Solution: A real-time payment method that rewards customers in-app

TourByMe knew from the get-go they’d need a payment platform that can reduce their operating cost, and at the same time make it easy for anyone to pay online and get rewarded.

TourByMe has partnered with Hello Clever to provide a real-time payment infrastructure. Hello Clever’s platform enables payments to be settled in real-time, 24/7 every day, giving TourByMe faster access to their funds and improving their cash flow. Additionally, Hello Clever’s platform reduces the risk of fraud and eliminates chargebacks, providing a more secure payment process for TourByMe’s customers.

Benefits of the Solution
TourByMe required a payment platform that could reduce their operating costs and provide an easy online payment process while rewarding their customers. Hello Clever’s platform met these requirements, enabling payments to be settled in real-time using PayID and PayTo. This allows for a more secure payment process while providing cashback rewards to customers, instantly, on every transaction.

“We have integrated Hello Clever as a payment gateway option, specifically utilising its PayID feature for all transactions related to tour guiding services, packaged tours, and additional offerings. Payments can now be processed through Hello Clever’s unique PayID.” Yoga Muliawan — CTO of TourByMe.

TourByMe saves 70% on transaction fees whilst boosting more sales.

TourByMe has saved 70% on transaction fees by using Hello Clever, enabling them to invest in retaining their customers through the platform’s brand-focused rewarding program.

The partnership with Hello Clever is helping TourByMe achieve its mission to become a pioneer in the Australian and Indonesian travel market by providing various travel services for international tourists.

Thanks to their partnership with Hello Clever, TourByMe has found a fast and clever payment solution that is transforming the way they do business.

With the power of real-time payments, TourByMe is now able to offer their customers a seamless and secure payment experience, while rewarding them with cashback on every transaction.

Hello Clever’s real-time payment infrastructure can help businesses save money, improve cash flow, and provide their customers with a fast and secure payment experience. Whether you’re a travel company like TourByMe or a business in any other industry, our payment solution can benefit your business.

To learn more about how Hello Clever can help your business book a demo.

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