12 September 2022

Hello Clever and AMR partner to offer real-time ‘Buy To Earn’ payments.

Hello Clever and AMR partner to offer real-time ‘Buy To Earn’ payments.

We’re excited to announce that AMR Hair & Beauty has partnered with Hello Clever as a real-time account-to-account (A2A) payments provider. For Hello Clever, this represents a significant step in our efforts to increase the local footprint of our offering.

This partnership enables AMR to integrate to Hello Clever’s payment technology with bank payment solution, meaning faster, fairer, and safer payment flows between merchants and consumers’ bank accounts while consumers can get instant cashback on all purchases.

AMR Hair & Beauty is Australia’s fastest growing hair and beauty supply enterprise with over 100 brands and 7000 products, AMR is the brand that delivers affordable and top quality hairdressing supplies, salon furniture and beauty products to trade and public customers.

From here on, every consumer in Australia will be able to make retail payment transactions using Australia’s leading real time payment technology at the checkout and earn instant cashback under Hello Clever ecosystem.

1. Empowering businesses

Ammar Issa, CEO at AMR, said: “As a business that is open to new technology that can help us operate efficiently, we are genuinely thrilled to offer real-time payment technology at the checkout and incentivise our customers so they can come back and shop with us again. We believe the benefits of PayID and PayTo represents a real step change for merchants — including empowering business growth by reducing costs, increasing payment acceptance and accelerating instant cash-flow.”

Hello Clever’s consumer vision is to empower merchants like AMR to process payment and rank security as the most important thing to consider when choosing a new payment method, followed by convenience and speed. Hello Clever’s full-stack payment solution eliminates the need for manual input of card details, removes the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security) burden on merchants, whilst increasing security and speeding up the checkout experience, which in turn reduces cart abandonment.

2. Australia’s first ‘Buy To Earn’ ecosystem is growing

In July 2022, new direct debit system PayTo switches on for millions of consumers in Australia. Hello Clever is the fintech that made the first PayTo transaction in the history following the partnership with Azupay and the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Reasons to get excited about Hello Clever x AMR:

Merchant Benefits:

  1. Create promotions on demand. We get notified when you change the cashback rate and can create custom marketing assets for you to review within 48 hours.
  2. Offer a new payment option for your customers to pay you in real-time with PayID and PayTo.
  3. Exclude specific products from offering cashback.
  4. Instant Working Capital / Instant Settlement.

Customer Benefits:

  1. Secure and cardless option to pay with PayID or PayTo via any Australian bank account.
  2. Accumulate cashback from hundreds of stores and withdraw in real-time into their bank account.
  3. In Q4 this year, customers can add their bills to their Hello Clever account and have their cashback credited to the invoice of their choice.
  4. Seamless UX replaces clunky customer payment experiences without sacrificing security.

If you’d like to add Hello Clever to your e-commerce businesses, reach out to Hello Clever growth managers using the link below.


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