16 April 2023

Case Study: How Xtreme Online leverages Hello Clever to upgrade their online stores & payment…

Case Study: How Xtreme Online leverages Hello Clever to upgrade their online stores & payment…

Case Study: How Xtreme Online leverages Hello Clever to upgrade their online stores & payment technology.

This year, Xtreme Online marks nearly two decades of experience in Mobile Phones, Accessories, Device Repairs, Audio, Sims, Internet services and other related services in Australia.

Xtreme Online is part of the Xtreme Group of companies who consistently ranks as one of the country’s largest independent telecommunication providers, having grown rapidly to reach 500,000 customers this year.

1. The Challenge

Xtreme Online lets their customers pay for the services online via their e-commerce websites. For new and existing customers, Xtreme offers multiple payment methods include cards, direct debit and alternative payments (APM) such as Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL).

In its pursuit of boosting sales and prioritising customer satisfaction, Xtreme Online has recognised the importance of incentivising real-time payments through the implementation of Hello Clever. This initiative aims to provide customers with a convenient and adaptable payment option that isn’t solely dependent on credit.

Additionally, it has come to the company’s attention that customers frequently contact their bank to request a chargeback rather than reaching out to Xtreme Online for a refund.

Hello Clever’s CEO, Caroline Tran and Xtreme Group’s CEO, Hermant Babbar

2. The Solution

Hello Clever’s frictionless payment process with added real-time payments via PayID and PayTo will improve merchant conversions by offering a seamless UX through different channels, including online checkout, payment by SMS, chat or email, and QR codes for static or customised payment content.

Xtreme Online implemented Hello Clever’s PayTo and PayID to streamline their customer payments process. The solution delivers a simplified online payment flow for users, with cost-effective processing.

By partnering with Hello Clever, Xtreme Online can pull payments directly from a customer’s bank account to make payments more secure and efficiently. Hello Clever’s infrastructure also simplifies merchant operations by offering automated reconciliations and cashback campaigns to reward their customers.

Hello Clever’s low-code API, featuring PayID and PayTo, provides Xtreme Online with the flexibility to customise their payment infrastructure and ensure scalability in the future.

“Offering the right payment methods with the right providers is essential to an effective payments strategy for us hence we decided to go with Hello Clever’s simple and cost-effective payment stack.” Hermant Babbar, CEO of Xtreme Group.

3. The results

Implementing Hello Clever at the gateway has seen an uplift of +5% in sales. Additionally, this enabled Xtreme Online to make significant cost savings and reduce chargeback cases.

The total value of real-time payment transactions increased by 40% soon after launch, and the total volume of customers willing to pay to get instant cashback transactions increased by 35%.

Frictionless Checkout
Customisable Cashback Campaigns
Low-code Payment API

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