16 April 2023

Pioneering the Drive Towards Real-Time Payments: Hello Clever’s simple PayTo solution

Pioneering the Drive Towards Real-Time Payments: Hello Clever’s simple PayTo solution

In a world where everything is instant, waiting for payments to settle is now a thing of the past.

In the past six months at Hello Clever, we’ve expanded significantly to process thousands of transactions a month, worth millions. The notable growth has added to the rise of adoption with NPP whose customers are reaching 90 million accounts.

A key innovation provided by the NPP is PayTo whose infrastructure has the ability to enable fast, real-time and provide consumers and businesses to authorise third parties to initiate NPP payments from their accounts.

The launch of PayTo will modernise the exisiting ‘direct debit’ (DE) system by giving customers more control over their DE transactions, reducing the chance that the payment will be mistakenly made and guarding against many types of scams.

The recent merger of NPPA, BPAY and eftpos to form Australian Payment Plus (AP+) should result in a more unified pathway to support the transition of DE system to PayTo in the near future.

Quoted in an article published by ITNEWS, a AP+ spokesperson added that it’s already starting to see some early use cases emerge in the market such as Hello Clever, whose merchant customers utilise the PayTo capabilities.

With over 50 organisations now live with PayTo, banks and financial institutions have met the April activation deadline, making real-time payments a reality for the majority of banking customers.

Hello Clever is driving the push towards real-time payments by integrating PayTo into fast, secure, low-code payment solutions for businesses. With Hello Clever’s PayTo solution, businesses can now offer their customers a seamless payment experience that gets them paid in real-time.

Businesses no longer have to wait for days to receive payment settlements, which is typical with traditional methods like direct debit. Instead, funds are settled 24/7, every day — including weekends and holidays.

What makes Hello Clever stand out is its instant cashback feature. It is the only fintech that lets businesses offer PayTo as a payment method and can reward customers back in real-time with instant cashback.

Cashback rewards are preferred over points and can incentivise customers to make timely payments, while boosting loyalty and driving sales.

“Real-time payments are transforming the way businesses operate, and Hello Clever is proud to be leading the way,” said Tran, CEO of Hello Clever.

“Our fast, frictionless PayTo solution, combined with instant cashback rewards, is revolutionising the way payments are made in the real-time economy.”

Hello Clever’s PayTo solution provides businesses with simple, low-code integration of PayTo, to enable fast and secure real-time payments from customers, while offering them a rewarding payment experience.

Low-code integration with PayTo means that businesses can easily get set up and start taking advantage of real-time payments and customer rewards. Businesses can explore Hello Clever’s PayTo API here.

Whether it’s for bill payments, e-commerce transactions, or any kind of payment, Hello Clever is the solution for businesses looking to thrive in the real-time economy.

Learn more about Hello Clever’s PayTo solution here

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