16 July 2022

We say this often! It seriously starts from being ‘Clever’ with your money.

We say this often! It seriously starts from being ‘Clever’ with your money.

Is the Hello Clever app legit? Sooo we’re ready to answer your questions and tell you why we are here.

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Hello Clever’s mission is to empower the ‘brokest’ generations.

Gen Z’s are more connected, savvy and demanding than ever. So our mission is to create an intelligent app and the most end-to-end platform for millions of young people across the globe.

We treat our customers as fellow humans — unique and incredible individuals navigating their way on this planet the best they can. We value this and strive to make it simple for everyone to access and understand their financial information. Because knowledge is power, and with that power, we can realise our full potential to kick our goals out of the park!

So who are we?

Hello Clever is a ‘Buy-To-Earn’ ecosystem connecting individuals & businesses — making shopping, payments & money management easier for all.

Hello Clever is founded by two high school friends who got fed up with their misspending behaviours, and credit cards and wanted to share their story that you could be more ‘clever’ with your money (pun intended).

What is ‘Buy-To-Earn’?

Buy-To-Earn is a new term, we reinvent the way you shop and get cashback because we believe once you spend your money more ‘clever’, you should get your rewards instantly.

We are currently working hard and partnering with brands that we think will deliver the best deals and cashback values to you. Download our app on iOS and Android to find out more.

Can you trust us?

You can. We’re a bunch of passionate people who are just like you — young, eager to learn, in their twenties and ready to change the world starting from the little things such as getting your finances together. Also, we love emojis 👋 as you can tell.

We’ve partnered with platforms like banks and other financial institutions to make sure you get the best outcome from our services and start being ‘clever’ with your money.

💛 Our Core Values

These values are more than just aspirational jargon that we come up with to check a box. They are the foundational framing we use when assessing potential partners to join our team.

🥑 Customer is Our Obsession

💡 We create Clever Ideas

💁‍♀️ You are your authentic self

🚀 We reinvent and we simplify

👬 A team that’s empowered

💜 Build with heart and balance

To sum this up, our mission and vision are simple — we’d like to see you succeed and achieve your financial goals. That requires the first step of being ‘Clever’ with your money. You in?

If you’ve still got questions, slide into our DMs or you can email [email protected]

Big things are ahead of us and we will see you shortly!

Enjoy this post? Spread the words and tell your friend. The more the merrier and big rewards to come. Let’s make a difference & be Clever!

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