23 December 2022

Hello Clever’s Year in Review 2022: It’s A ‘Clever’ Ecosystem

Hello Clever’s Year in Review 2022: It’s A ‘Clever’ Ecosystem

This year, Hello Clever celebrated our first year in market and two years since our founding in 2021.

2022 has been an exciting year as we’ve been working diligently to launch our suite of product including Hello Clever Consumer and Hello Clever Payment and this has led to thousands of transactions we process every month. And in the new year, we’re expected to see this number to rise north of five times.

Over the past three months, the public and private market have seen a restructure where a lot of companies in our industry have been facing difficulties to keep up with the rise of factors like interest rates, monetary or fiscal policy, government edicts or commodity price swings. We are lucky to still retain our position in the market with the ability to innovate, build new capabilities and secure long-term prospects while at the same time deliver the sustainable, profitable growth our stakeholders expect from us.

We are a team of pioneers and entrepreneurs who are motivated by the needs of our solution and overcome the challenges with expertise and determination.

We’re proud to officially share with you our 2022 highlights and what’s next for 2023.

Our Capital Raise Announcement

We successfully closed our seed round at $4.5M AUD in September with participating from leading investors include Vectr Fintech Partners, Yolo Investments, Boson Ventures, CrossFund and sophisticated angels such as Peter Warren Family, Daniel Johnson and Ken Cheung.

This marked the start of our growth journey and rapid product development in 2022 with the onboarding of more than 1,000 merchants and 40,000 customers who are loving the Hello Clever brand

Our Product Announcement

We continue to ship products at rapid speed with the launch of Hello Clever 2.0 in the new year and Hello Clever Payment across multiple markets. New features are being delivered every three weeks and our biggest achievement to date was to be able to mark the first EVER PayTo transaction in Australia that no one else had been able to.

Merchant Dashboard: our merchants have the ability to register an account with Hello Clever automatically and integrate our payment gateway at the record time of five seconds. Merchant integration platforms include Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart and Customised API with BigCommerce to be live in 2023.

Merchant API: Universal no-code API to connect with real-time payment in seconds. This product is suitable for merchants that require customised integration such as telcos, financial services and government departments.

Payment Gateway: Hello Clever is Australia’s first company to utilise the new payment platform & introducing the next generation of rewards — the all new ‘buy to earn’ payment.

Hello Clever generates a PayID and utilises the use of PayTo, Credit/Debit Card and QR code at checkout page allowing merchants to receive payments instantly at a very low cost with no chargebacks, zero reconciliation and a safer way for their customers to pay whilst giving them an instant cashback which is the integral part to drive traffic to our merchants.

Compliance: This year we earned our highest level of compliance — Level 4 which is for businesses that process fewer than 20,000 e-commerce card transactions, or those processing up to 1 million total annual card transactions.

Our Team Announcement

We’re fortunate to have onboarded additional four engineers from Vietnam and one Senior Product Manager based in Finland to start developed next phase of product roadmap as we head toward the end of 2022 and prepraring for a massive growth in 2023.

As of October 2022, we have 25 employees (both FTE and PTE) working across Growth, Design, Technology and Marketing from 11 cities of 7 countries and of which, more than 30% of our employees are female working in Growth and Technology. We’re very proud of our diverse team and employees who have been working tremendously hard these last few months to focus on our GTM strategy and product deadlines.

What’s next in 2023 and beyond? The answer is simple, growth and expansion — we look forward to 2023 as we’re on the mission to bring world’s class products to our customers and thank you for being there with us from day one. So much more to come from here.

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