Build your own financial
For companies, mortgage brokers and financial advisors, we are here to help you supercharge your customers’ financial wellbeing. Our Clever app can be white labelled for your business. We can set you up in a few hours and make you stand out from your competitors.
Extend your platform
capabilities with Scale.
Cash Rewards
Create perks for your employees or customers via your platform with thousands of partners.
Bring you Australia’s NPP Payment technology to enable your customers with real-time payment capability.
Modern Banking
Increase your platform revenue by offering a comprehensive financial service product and customised branding for your business, so the whole process is yours.
Your platform powered
Build a financial safety net, making sure your employees are satisfied with their workplace and feel real value in the benefits/perks that you’re providing.
Increase retention and let your employees appreciate the workplace where they feel taken care of.
Money Management
that makes a difference.underline
Happy employees = healthier bottom line!
This is a no-brainer. People like happy people. Empower your employees to make better financial decisions. Being happy can free up the brain, allowing for increased mental flexibility and productivity.
Dedicated Customer Success team.
Your business is our business. We are here from day zero to work with you to launch Clever in your workplace because we know your people will love it.
Simple integration.
As easy as one, two, three. Roll out your financial wellbeing in days not weeks.
Financial security is more
than an employee benefit.underline
Clever is an award-winning fintech that focuses on helping you make an impact. We're here to help employees and businesses achieve their goals. If you can imagine it, we can build it for you with our powerful finance management suite. Bring your employees together with our full stack finance management, payments and other features.
Get your business up and running on Clever.
Stop juggling banking apps! Now you only need Clever to manage your money and everything else.
Finance Management
the way it should be.underline
You can have all of these banking features with no hidden fees and a modern, award-winning mobile banking app.